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SHUFFLE project meeting in Heidelberg

Nadine Auer

October was the month of our next SHUFFLE project meeting, which this time was conducted in Heidelberg. For two days, we were able to catch up on the current status of the various work packages, make plans for the time still ahead of us in the project, and work on concrete tasks in a number of workshops.

The first day consisted of various workshops in which we worked on concrete tasks. For example, in the ethics workshop of work package 11, we were able to deal with which values we have already brought into our work and which values should continue to guide us in our work for SHUFFLE. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to discuss in detail in our different work packages, which goals we still have to achieve by the end of the project in order to prepare for the final stretch. At the end of the day, we were able to discuss other topics that were important to us in an open discussion session.

In the evening, the SHUFFLE employees from outside Heidelberg were given a short guided tour around Heidelberg Castle with some interesting information about Heidelberg. We were able to end the day with a dinner together, so that we could be strengthened again for the next day.

We used the second SHUFFLE day to first inform everyone in the team about the goals already achieved in the various work packages in a poster session and to discuss how to proceed. In an open round with the posters for each work package, we were thus able to bring ourselves up to date and give feedback to the other work packages. Afterwards, we worked together on the further development of the maturity model in a workshop of the maturity model team before we split up into the work packages again for the afternoon and used the time for upcoming tasks.

All in all, this fall meeting gave us a fresh boost and helped us to clarify our goals for the remaining project period. With new motivation and strengthened team spirit, we were able to start the next working phase.

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