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Higher education initiative: digital accessibility for all

What is SHUFFLE?

The project SHUFFLE promotes equal opportunity participation in digital teaching for students with individual needs. We are developing a maturity model which can be used to measure, evaluate, and systematically improve the digital accessibility of higher education institutions using multidimensional data.

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Projekt Partners

Stuttgart Media University

As the consortium leader, the Stuttgart Media University is represented in most of the work packages and is responsible for project coordination. The central contact point is the university's own competence center for digital accessibility. Additionally, the Institute for Digital Ethics (IDE) provides ethical and data protection advice for the subprojects.

University Bielefeld

University of Bielefeld focuses on work packages concerning the digitization strategy, support for instructors in creating accessible learning materials, and improving the accessibility of the Moodle learning platform and e-exams.

Heidelberg University of Education

The Heidelberg University of Education is represented by the departments of Hearing and Communication and Education for the blind and visually impaired. It contributes its expertise in the creation of multimodal learning scripts as well as in the development of a digital learning and encounter platform.

Freiburg University of Education

PH Freiburg focuses on the accessibility of the learning platform ILIAS and electronic exams. The goal is that all student with individual needs can use ILIAS. The project is affiliated with the center for information and communication technology (ZIK).

sponsored by

Foundation for Innovation in Higher Education Teaching

Established in 2020, the foundation aims to enable innovation in teaching and learning at higher education institutions and to strengthen the capacity for renewal of higher education teaching overall and on an ongoing basis. The foundation's program and funding benefit the entire breadth of the German higher education landscape. The foundation for innovation in university teaching is a trust foundation under the auspices of the non-profit Toepfer Stiftung gGmbH. All funding for the support, program, organization and administration is provided by the federal and state governments.

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The project is subdivided into twelve work packages in which the project partners develop measures for an equal opportunity to participate in digital learning.

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We are a team of more than 25 people from four higher education institutions working together to improve digital accessibility.

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Our project runs from August 2021 to July 2024. Here you can find all current news.

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Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding our project? We are thrilled to hear from you!

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