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Korbinian Kuhn

SHUFFLE at the CHI 2023.

Four of our SHUFFLElistas (Nadine, Verena, Kathy, Kobi) were in Hamburg at one of the largest and most important international conferences in computer science: The CHI (“ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems”). The worldwide research in the area of human-machine interaction is represented there and presents the latest results on topics like usability, user experience and of course artificial intelligence.

We are very happy that we could publish two papers with SHUFFLE at CHI. Both papers are available in the ACM Digital Library. In addition, they were presented as posters at the conference and we were able to engage in interesting conversations with other scientists* about our research.

From work package 6, (KathyAnn, Verena, Patricia, AnnKatrin, Niklas, Markus and Gottfried) presented the process of persona codesign. The paper, entitled “Persona Co-Design for Improving Digital Accessibility”, is available at the following link in the ACM Digital Library:

As part of Work Package 4, (Kobi, Verena, Gottfried) evaluated the subtitle editor prototype in a user test and evaluated results on the collaborative workflow: The paper titled “Accuracy of AI-generated Captions With Collaborative Manual Corrections in Real-Time” is available at the following link in the ACM Digital Library:

We take away: The impressions of exciting presentations; the personal conversations with researchers from all over the world; that SHUFFLE is highly topical with the topic of digital accessibility.

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