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Conference presentations at GeNeMe 2023

Nadine Auer

On September 14 and 15, we had the opportunity to present our current state of the maturity model from AP01 at GeNeMe 2023 in Dresden. The GeNeMe “Gemeinschaft in Neuen Medien” (Community in New Media) provides a transdisciplinary exchange especially on online communities. This year’s topic of the conference was “Inclusive Digital – Shaping Community Openly” and thus opened the discussion of questions around inclusion and participation in the context of digital formats and innovations.

In our presentations, we were able to present our approach in the development of our maturity model for digital accessibility of universities as well as the first preliminary results. In another research paper, we explored the research question of how to define the scope of digital accessibility at universities and presented the scope we identified. Both publications can be read in the conference proceedings as soon as they are available online (Conference Proceedings of GeNeMe – GeNeMe 2023.

In addition, we were able to use the conference for an exchange on various digital topics such as AI, gamification or OERs and made many interesting contacts.

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