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One Year SHUFFLE: Joint Meeting in Presence on 08.-09.09.22

Christin Stormer

After a longer break due to the Covid situation, we managed to meet again in presence in Stuttgart on September 08 and 09 for our one year anniversary. We spent the two days together intensively discussing topics and recapitulating the last year. In addition, we were able to strengthen our team during this time and welcome  the many new employees personally. Below are a few impressions of what we were able to work on during these two intensive days.

The maturity model is one of the goals in the SHUFFLE project, which should connect all work packages at the end. Therefore, the face-to-face meeting was a good opportunity to gather as much expertise as possible in one room and to lay important foundations for the maturity model. In the workshop, we discussed and debated different metrics that should be included in the maturity model.

With the question “Are you blind or a jogger?” as our lead-in, we once again explored the concept of students with individual needs (SmiB) as our final program item and engaged in an insightful discussion about needs and how they are defined.

We concluded our first day by taking a retrospective walk back into the past. The first year of our project is now over and we took a look at the milestones we have already reached, the highlights and lows we have experienced together. With this knowledge we were able to throw an outlook on the two years to come. The main focus here was on which goals we are yet to achieve and how we can best do so.

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