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SHUFFLE on the road

Jule Günter

An exciting and eventful week is passing. Nine SHUFFLE members set off for the Czech Republic to advance our project with new ideas and suggestions in their luggage.

The trip took us first to the Teiresias Centre of the Masaryk University in Brno. This central facility provides individual support for students with disabilities and communication with teachers. In various workshops and discussion groups we came into exchange about different support services offered by the library, the demand for the implementation of universal design at universities and needs of students with invisible impairments.

After two days, we moved on to the Pyramida Centre at the University of Ostrava. This institution, which is affiliated with the Counseling Center here, also presented us with various services to support students with impairments. Beyond the various presentations, the direct conversations with students were particularly stimulating.

We would like to thank all our colleagues from Brno and Ostrava for the diverse and interesting impressions we were able to gain! Our project SHUFFLE will certainly benefit a lot from this.

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