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Team meeting in Bielefeld

Nadine Auer

At the end of February, we met for two days at the University of Bielefeld for an exciting and informative team meeting. Several team members had prepared interesting sessions and we were able to exchange and discuss a wide variety of topics.

We spent the first morning identifying our roles as individuals in the team as well as the current state of the project. Since it is currently the half-way point, so in a soccer metaphor we are in the 47th minute of the game, our focus was on three key issues: 1. basic training (accuracy and team coordination), 2. game analysis (are we in a good position?), and 3. scoring goals (what are our goals and chances to score?). This allowed us to look at the perspectives of the past 1.5 years and the 1.5 years still to come in a unified way.

In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to take a closer look at strategies and processes for work package 2. Using brainstorming and input from the work package, we developed recommendations in the areas of awareness-raising, communication, contact persons, structure and strategy, transfer and networks, and infrastructure at universities.

The second morning we were given the opportunity to work on the individual work packages in order to further advance them in person. Finally, the entire SHUFFLE team received a guided tour and an insight into the activities of the ZAB. We were able to test the accessibility tools available there and do simulations. With new motivation and many ideas, we went back home on Tuesday and full of energy started into the next phase of the project.

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